Alexi Torres


My works have been the result of my inspiration regarding my life experiences. My creations and ideas are the combination of universal problems and the reflection of certain established ideas that I have witnessed. Early works were inspired from the political and social circumstances that exist in my homeland, Cuba.Upon arrival in the United States, I experienced new responsibilities with my surroundings. This changed my world-view and the target of my works: seeing Earth and all its life forms integrated, and as one. It is inspired by wisdom and philosophy throughout the ages, projecting into the future, and expressing the responsibility of now. Individual’s positive actions become collective achievement. Understanding this, I use the canvas platform to transmit today’s needs, positively. Using universal laws in the realization process of my art, I build the stretcher, stretch and prime the canvas, then start and finish each work on the waning moon. This is like my father and his ancestors have done in their harvesting. It is my way of planting an idea and completing it, working with universal forces and laws, organically. My works are an answer to my own appreciation of Earth’s needs. I reconstruct iconic images that represent both classic and modern times from all branches of human development, including the arts, politics, science, education and military. I create this by changing the context of the initial forms into ecological, fragile, ephemeral and natural elements; leaves, weaving, feathers and other elements formed in nature. With each element carefully constructed, I create a new image. These basic, earthly elements are readily available. They are sincere, yet complex in their simplicity. The intricate patterns and details in the paintings show the fulfillment that we find in basic organic elements; on how we are all interconnected with each other, in a spiritual and physical level. The past influences the present and the present influences the future. We need each other to evolve with the universe. I want to fill the connection of nature in my works. In this manner, the paintings act in the viewers’ consciences, creating a reflection in the way in which people absorb my art. Remaking classic images, such as an historic moment or icon that is well known, while changing the whole concept, transmits a fresh and direct message: to create casual images in a unique peaceful piece. For my continuous comprehension of the world, I have the need to continue creating in hopes of benefiting civilization while being responsible with my message in current times. I still find myself in each painting and I am aware of creating a necessary message: which is to be conscious of living and critical thinking.


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