Brett Osborn


In his paintings, Brett Osborn invents places that are rendezvous for himself – who he is now and who he was in the past. His artwork intersects both a present state of place and past memory. These elements are often juxtaposed from multiple seasons into a single work creating a sense of place without specifics of time.

“I want the viewers to be able to project their own experience, memory, and history onto my work. I am not trying to create a place of beauty, although I have a specific aesthetic, my use of color and form function to represent a sensation.”

His works have an inherent beauty expressed through a deep familiarity of place and time. There is a cursory sensation of visual pleasure created from the tension points in the work such as in the horizon line where the sky meets the earth and between light and shadow.

“I want to express chill and warmth, fall and spring, light and shadow all in a single work.”

Brett Osborn studied art in Los Angeles where he received his a MFA in Drawing and Painting from California State University. Currently serving as the Dean of the School of Fine Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Brett has exhibited throughout the United States as well as Germany, Korea, France, and Spain.


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