Cristina Torres


She was born in Medellin, Colombia, 1981

‘I have always loved the images in the poetry of Arthur Rimbaud. They dazzle the mind, quicken all the senses, and create strange introspection, brooding, and melancholy. These emotions, provoked by Symbolist literature and similar genre and the ambigious dreamscapes they produce, are the beginnings of a painting. I don’t alwaysknow what I am trying to say when I start a painting and many times the outcome is just as mysterious to me as it may be to the viewer. My paintings are excuted in an unconventional combination of medias that give them a look very different from most oil paintings. I prefer the smooth surface of museum board but use canvas in equal measure. I have created a technique of layering oil paints and varnishes numerous times so that while they are smooth, a depth and richness is created that is reminiscent of the Venetian approach. Gold leaf and other collage elements are sometimes incorporated.’


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