James Daniel


North Carolina artist James Daniel works with oil paint, multi-media drawing, and traditional fresco. His subject matter is built around the human figure, the mannequin, and the portrait. James’ use of the figure and mannequin allows him to explore the diverse emotional and mental sides of human beings. Many of James’ figurative paintings are reflections of his inner struggle and joy that are not too different from what we all experience. James tries to find and visually represent the common thread that binds us.
There is a soft feel to his work that resembles master artists such as Titian, Rembrandt, and Rubens. James’ integration of light and shadow is another similarity he shares with the masters. There are many similarities between James’ work and those artists of the past, however, his subject matter is contemporary and corresponds to the time we live in.
At an early age, James began painting and exhibiting in Raleigh, NC. Since then his love and appreciation of the “craft” of art has inspired him to continue as an artist. He realized early on that he had a need to express and found visual art was the best means with which to do that. James sought out training from the top contemporary working artists and has now developed his own style of expression. He is serious about his work and strives to make every picture a masterpiece.


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