Joyce Tenneson


Internationally lauded as one of the leading photographers of her generation, Joyce Tenneson’s work has been published in books and major magazines worldwide.

Tenneson ranks among the most respected photographers of our time. Her images have been displayed in exhibitions worldwide and are part of numerous private and museum collections. Her portraits appear frequently on covers for magazines such as: Time, Life, Newsweek, Premiere, Esquire and The New York Times Magazine.

Vicki Goldberg, critic and author, writes of Tenneson: “Tenneson possesses a unique vision which makes her photographs immediately recognizable. She creates enigmatic and sensuous images that are timeless and haunting. Whether a classically draped nude or a mysterious portrait of a young child and aged man, her photographs speak to the fragility of life, its poignant beauty – and its pain. The images are deeply affecting, often evoking forgotten memories.”

Tenneson is the author of fifteen books including the best seller, Wise Women, which was featured in a six-part Today Show series. She is also the recipient of many awards and, in a recent poll conducted by American Photo Magazine, readers voted Tenneson among the ten most influential women in the history of photography..

The Lucie Awards named Joyce Tenneson as Fine Art Photographer of the Year in 2005.


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